Oates Roofing business website

Oates Roofing Business Website

Oates Roofing are a specialist roofing maintenance company based in South-East Melbourne. The Oates team are focused on establishing a business website and strong web presence across multiple forms of media.

An attractive, functional business website

Oates Roofing were in the market for an attractive, functional and content managed business website. Oates Roofing are located in Melbourne’s South-East, VIC. The Oates team were looking for a high performing website that ranked very well among competitors on Google; hence Pixelution went to work! Oates Roofing are now ranked in the top five on Google for relevant searches and are comfortably positioned on the first page of Google’s search results. We look forward to continuing to assist in boosting Oates’ ranking and challenging major roofing maintenance providers for top spot.

Oates Roofing Maintenance business website focuses:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Deliver a simple professional message
  • Highly professional appearance
  • Promotion of professional services
  • Promotion of Oates’ identity
  • Contact form
  • Social integration
  • Online quote setup
  • Content management system
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Oates Roofing Maintenance ongoing focuses:

If you are interested in social media services, we can help!
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  • Date: 03/31/2014
  • Categories: Identity / Responsive / Web Design
  • Client: Oates Roofing Maintenance
  • URL: http://oatesroofing.com.au
  • Focus: SEO, Google rank, Identity, Online quote setup
  • Project Build: WordPress, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, SEO